Silverdale: The Best Breakfast Spots

Do you want to eat another boring breakfast at home? Why not try something more adventurous like going out to eat? Maybe you should try exploring your area to see what is out there! Let’s take a look at some of the best breakfast spots around Silverdale for you to try the next time you don’t want to cook.

Shari’s Cafe & Pies

One place you should certainly check out is Shari’s Cafe & Pies. For one, they are open 24-hours a day, so you can come in at any time. Also, you can get yourself a very nice breakfast. Eggs, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, the works.

Aloha Kitchen

How about trying a restaurant with a bit of a Hawaiian flavor? Come to Aloha Kitchen for a truly unique experience. They have breakfast selections that they serve all day long. Omelettes, breakfast fried rice, and more.

Hop Jack’s

Hop Jack’s is definitely a fine choice if you’re looking for a good breakfast. Not only that, but you can also get yourself a nice cocktail. Flap jacks, french toast, omelettes, breakfast burritos and more!

Silverdale: Fun Parks/Hikes In Your Area

Most days, you may prefer to stay inside the apartment and watch TV or read. But it’s also important to go outside and get some exercise. What do you say we do some exploring this week? Let’s get off the couch and go check out some fun parks and hikes near Silverdale.

Newberry Hill Heritage Park

Over in Bremerton, there is a pretty cool place to go on a hike. Newberry Hill Heritage Park has plenty of trails for those interested in hiking, as well as bike riding. You can find a little of something for everyone here!

Old Mill Park

Have you ever been on the Clear Creek Trail? You can be if you walk through Old Mill Park. This is a suitable place to try if you’re looking for somewhere to go hiking. This is a public park that is always kept clean, so be sure to check it out!

Pretty Sweet Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

We all know Valentine’s Day is steadily approaching. As a time when you’re supposed to celebrate love and relationships, it can create a lot of pressure for some people. If you have a date lined up, but don’t have a clue what to do with him or her then we’re here to help. See below for three great Valentine’s day activities.

Go On A Shopping Spree

If you’ve got the cash to spend, why not go all out this year? Take your date anywhere they want to go and have fun going on a shopping spree. The sky’s the limit!

Take A Long Drive

Not many things can be more relaxing than getting in the car and taking a long drive. You can take your date on a drive through the city, explore areas you’ve never seen before. It can be an adventure, all from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Plant Some Flowers

Here is something that can be semi-romantic. Instead of giving your date roses, get together with them and plant some flowers in your own backyard. Or even in a community garden. Unlike store-bought flowers, these flowers will last much longer and will bring good feelings every time you both look at them!

Silverdale: Best Places To Watch The Super Bowl

Super Bowl LI is right around the corner and luckily for you, so are a bunch of great places to go watch the big game! Below are just a few places you can go to enjoy some great finger foods, beer and an energetic atmosphere. Make it even more fun and memorable by going with a few of your friends!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Inside the Kitsap Mall is Buffalo Wild Wings, the perfect destination for watching some football. They’ve got their famous wings, of course, as well as plenty of TV’s for you to watch the big game.

Cash Brewing Company

Here is a great place to grab a drink. Over on 3388 NW Byron St., is the Cash Brewing Company. It’s also a restaurant with great food, and you can catch the game here as well.


There is a whole heck of a lot to enjoy at Applebee’s. Not only is the food great, but you’ve got plenty of TV’s around so that no matter where you sit, you will be able to enjoy the biggest game of the year!

Silverdale: The Best Night Life

You live in a great place, Santa Fe Ridge Apartments in Silverdale, Washington. But you’re looking for something fun to do. You want to grab the friends, go out and have a blast. Where are some places you can go? Well, it just so happens that some of the best night life is close by.

Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse

Some Japanese food sounds good right about now, doesn’t it? Well you could even get some tasty cocktails here at the Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse. This is a nice place in Silverdale with some great food and drinks at very reasonable prices.

Silver City Restaurant & Ale House

Maybe you’re not in the mood for dancing or karaoke. Maybe you just want a chill place to eat, drink and socialize. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to come to Silver City Restaurant & Ale House. You can grab some great pub grub here and drink some craft beers.

Silverdale Fun – What You Can Do For Entertainment

Are you bored sitting around the apartment all day after coming home from work? Or even on the weekends? Don’t sweat it. There are fun things to do in Silverdale, even if you’re not aware of them.

Northwest Paintball Park

Playing a fun, competitive game of paintball is always a good idea. If you have never played paintball, you should definitely give it a try now. Make sure to grab the friends, or some family members, and have a real ball out there.

Silverdale Waterfront Park

The Silverdale Waterfront Park can be the perfect place to get away and relax. Or it can even be a great place for a friendly picnic. Bring a deck of cards or a board game and you can spend the afternoon having fun with someone else.

Olympic Gymnastic Center Inc

This one is perfect for the kids, if you have any. You can take them here to get supervised professional coaching on Olympic Gymnastics, parkour and team cheerleading.

The Best New Year’s Events Near You

It’s time to start packing 2016 up, because 2017 is just around the corner. We’re not at the finish line yet, though. There’s still plenty of partying to be had. There are some cool places to celebrate New Year’s near your area, for example. Check these out.

BollyGrooves NYE 2017

Party it up at the Hilton Seattle this year. You’ll check in at 9:00 pm and the party doesn’t stop until 2:00 am.

Xtreme Theatresports New Year’s Eve Party! 2016

Celebrate the end of 2016 at the Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater in Seattle! You can spend the night laughing away all of your troubles with a nice group of people. Performances and good times throughout the night!

Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails New Year’s Eve Party

There is always the option of going to Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails to celebrate New Year’s. Be sure to come on an empty stomach, so you can enjoy all of these delicious appetizers, as well as the amazing cocktail choices.

Holiday Activities To Brighten Your Month

Don’t say that you’re bored around the holidays. Maybe you just haven’t explored your options enough. There are some holiday activities in and around your area that you can participate in.

Holiday Singing Entertainment

At different dates in December, you can see live performances in North Court by Kohl’s at the Kitsap Mall. You can see students from schools and local organizations singing holiday classics for your enjoyment. Be sure to find a date that bests suits you and see who will be performing.

Photo with Santa

Also, you can get your picture taken with Santa as the Kitsap Mall. You can take advantage of this from December 12th to December 24th.

Giving Trees

You can always give back to the less fortunate this year. That’s a great way to stay in the holiday spirit. You can find some Giving Trees located in JCPenney Court at Kitsap Mall. You can help benefit Toys of Tots, Harrison Hospital Children’s Wing, the Salvation Army and Seniors at Bay Vista Commons.

Visit Any One Of These Popular Restaurants In Your Area

Let’s face it, none of us want to be sitting inside the apartment on a Friday night. Everybody else is going out, so it’s okay for you to do the same. Eating out can be expensive sometimes, but these popular restaurants in your area are well worth it.

The Oak Table Cafe

Take a stroll to The Oak Table Cafe, located at 3290 NW Mt Vintage Way. This is the perfect place to come to for breakfast or even lunch. Plus, the surrounding environment is quite comfortable and quaint.

Green Garden Pho

This is being touted as the absolute best Vietnamese restaurant in all of Silverdale. If the ratings and reviews are any indication, that may very well be true. Green Garden Pho is located at 10516 Silverdale Way NW #110a, offering vegetarian meals and Vietnamese dishes.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Red Robin, yum! Everyone is familiar with this restaurant and their famous gourmet hamburgers. This one is located inside the Kitsap Mall, on 10455 Silverdale Way NW.

Need More Activities? December Events Near Your Area

There are plenty of things to do indoors. It may be too cold to hang outside, but these December events will allow you to be inside. Not only will you be warm, but you’ll get to have some fun at the same time!

Wreath Making at Pike Place Market

Come spend your Friday night at Pike Place Market in Seattle. On December 2nd, attend a wreath-making class in the most unique of places. Tickets to this event will cost you $65.

Leavenworth Christmas Tree Lighting Getaway + Transportation

Maybe you should check out Leavenworth’s very famous Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony this year. You’ll have plenty of space and time to go shopping, eat some food and much more. This would be perfect for the entire family.

Seattle Unique Boutique Holiday Extravaganza

Get into Q Nightclub for free on December 17th in the afternoon! There will be a DJ in the building providing live music for the whole crowd. You’ll also get $5 drink specials.