Silverdale: Fun Summer Activities

Summer has officially begun, folks! It’s time to get out there and start having some fun. Whether you’re headed out to the beach, spending your days at the park or hanging out with friends. You’ll need a checklist for things you can do this season. Here are some fun summer activities.

Catch A Summer Movie

If you don’t feel like staying in and watching netflix, then it’s time to go out. Head on down to AMC Kitsap 8 and catch a fun flick. The seats recline all the way back. Sitting in these comfy chairs will make you feel at home.

Go Fishing

Got any fishing enthusiasts in the family? Maybe you would be interested in going fishing this summer. You can make it a goal to try and catch the biggest fish possible. There are plenty of places to go fishing in Silverdale.

Hang Out At Silverdale Waterfront Park

This should be a nice breath of fresh air during the summertime. There are play structures for small kids and whatnot. It’s also a nice place to come and relax.

Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

You know what day is coming up around the corner? Father’s Day! We already celebrated our moms with Mother’s Day last month. Now it’s dad’s turn. It’s time to show him how important he is to the whole family, but especially to you. Check out these cool Father’s Day gift ideas.

Bluetooth Headphones

Maybe your dad enjoys listening to his music, podcasts or audiobooks while out and about. Here are some headphones fit for the father who is always on the go. You can get him some sweet wireless headphones.

Eye Glasses Holder

Does your father wear glasses? Well, he’ll need a safe place to keep them while he is sleeping. Instead of a dresser drawer, why not this nifty little wooden figure? It’s the perfect item to hold his glasses.

Some Chocolate

Your dad is never old enough for some chocolate. It’s not just for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. You can get your old man some chocolate to enjoy on his special day.

Celebrate Memorial Day With These Fun Activities

There are many holidays to celebrate throughout the year. One of them being Memorial Day, which is just around the corner. Many Americans will be celebrating by barbecuing, attending parades and festivals or even doing some volunteer work. But what will you be doing? Here are some suggestions if you need them.

Host a Memorial Day Potluck

It’s always fun to get together with family and friends, enjoying food and having a good time. You can do this without having to pay for everything yourself. Host a potluck and have everyone bring something to the party.

Visit the Beach

You don’t really have to spend any money with this activity. Just head on out to the beach and soak in the sun. There are a number of good beaches in your area that you can escape to.

Watch Movies

If going out isn’t your thing, you can always stay inside the apartment and watch movies. You can either watch movies on Netflix or you can go to Redbox.

Silverdale: Best Family-Friendly Activities

What types of things do you like to do with the family? Maybe you’d like to do something but can’t think of anything. Well, we may have helpful suggestions for you. Check out some of these cool ideas for family-friendly activities.

Go Fishing

Great times can be had while you’re out  fishing with the family. You are in the Puget Sound area, so there are a number of places where you can go fishing. Old Man House park on Agate Pass, Southworth, the Tracyton area and more.

Go Swimming

Now the weather is beginning to warm up, nothing sounds better than taking a dip in the pool. Get in a game of marco polo while you’re at it! There are a number of games you could play in the water.

Silverdale Antiques

If you’re into things like china and glassware and furniture and other antiques, you’ll want to check out Silverdale Antiques. You can even bring the whole family along with you to see.

Silverdale: Best BBQ Restaurants

It’s always fun to head outside and barbecue for family and friends. But let’s let someone else worry about that for now. You’re hungry for BBQ and you’re looking to eat. Let’s head out to some of the best BBQ restaurants in the Silverdale area. Here are just a few for you to consider.

Smokin Robinsons

The first place you’ll want to try is Smokin Robinsons. They’ve got all kinds of yummy goodness here to quench your thirst and satisfy your appetite. It’s also a great place to go and grab some BBQ.

Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que

Everyone has to be familiar with Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que. This great outlet serves up some amazing and award-winning food. You’re sure to walk out on a full and satisfied stomach.

Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant

Another solid choice for some BBQ is Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant. They’ve got a lot of different variety on their menu. It’s certainly worth trying.

Best Family-Friendly Activities in Silverdale

Don’t sit around the apartment by yourself feeling bored. Let’s go out and find something fun to do, shall we? Things can be much more fun with others. Maybe it’s time you hung out with the family. It’s not always a chore, you know. Some family-friendly activities can be extremely fun to experience together.

All Star Lanes

All Star Lanes offers up a fantastic bowling experience for families. This place pretty much has it all, so everybody in the family should be satisfied. There is an arcade area for the kids, and even a casino for the adults.

AMC Kitsap 8

Everybody loves a good family-friendly movie. Spend some time at the movie theaters, specifically at AMC Kitsap 8. You’re bound to have a good time there. Come catch a good movie!

Silverdale Waterfront Park

Come and enjoy the beautiful weather here at Silverdale Waterfront Park. You’ll have access to the saltwater beach and there is a great area for a picnic here. There are a number of fun activities that can be had at this spot.

Local Lunch Spots in the Silverdale Area

This afternoon, don’t stay inside the apartment trying to cook. Head out to eat instead! Living in Santa Fe Ridge Apartments, you’ve got a lot of options near you. Many of them you are really going to love. Here are some of the best local lunch spots around Silverdale, Washington.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread is known for its free wifi as well as its delicious bread. This is a pretty good spot to grab a quick lunch. Order up a sandwich or two, and even some salad!

Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta

How about some pizza and/or pasta for lunch? That sounds pretty darn good. Get all of that and more here at Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta. Salads, sandwiches, all served up with patio seating.

Veneto Italian Restaurant

Maybe you’re in the mood for some Italian classics like pasta. The Veneto Italian Restaurant is the place to be. You will definitely love anything that has the Gorgonzola sauce on it!

Best Bars to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Silverdale

There are plenty of fun places around Silverdale where you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You wouldn’t want to spend all day inside the apartment celebrating, would you? Of course not. That’s why you should head out to a local bar.

Our Place Pub & Eatery

Looking for a nice little dive bar in Silverdale? You should check out Our Place Pub & Eatery, especially if you’ve never been. This will be a pretty fun and exciting place to be come March 17th on St. Paddy’s Day. Even outside of that, there’s karaoke nights as well.


How does pizza and beer sound? You can find out at the Tessio bar on St. Patrick’s Day. Along with the pizza, you can get yourself some nice whiskey, since they have a pretty great selection.

Cash Brewing Company

Looking for a solid beer selection? Then you should visit the Cash Brewing Company on March 17th.

Visit Some Of These Local Hikes In Silverdale

The weather is going to be getting warm pretty soon. As nice as it must be to sit inside the apartment, you should try getting out. It’s a nice time to go out for a hike. There are some local hikes in your area that are worth trying. In fact, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Kitsap County Anderson Landing Park

If you’re someone who is looking for a good place to hike, this is a pretty solid choice. Kitsap County Anderson Landing Park is a great place to go for a short hike. You can even have access to the beach from one of the lower trails. It is certainly worth your time and worth checking out for yourself.

Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park

Sometimes you don’t want to go hiking alone. Sometimes you may want to bring your dog along with you. Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park is the perfect place to do just that.

Silverdale: Some Local Attractions

You may not know your city as well as you think you do. There are plenty of local attractions in your area that are just waiting to be discovered! Check out the list below to take a look at just a couple of them.

Kitsap Mall

If you’re living in Silverdale you may already be familiar with the malls. One of the more popular attractions in the entire area is undoubtedly the Kitsap Mall. This mall has plenty of stores and shops inside, so there is something for everybody. You’ll definitely want to come here if you need to get some shopping done.

Silverdale Antiques

This is a great place to find some antiques in the area. You will want to swing by Silverdale Antiques if this sounds like your thing. Silverdale Antiques give its customers quality antiques at reasonable prices. Many things in this cute little shop should certainly hold your attention.