Checking Out Hiking & Parks in the Silverdale Area

Checking Out Hiking & Parks in the Silverdale Area

Who doesn’t love going out to parks and going hiking? It’s something that everybody should try at least once. So get out of your apartment and go explore your city. There are some cool parks and places to hike in your area.

Old Mill Park

Over on the Silverdale waterfront is the Old Mill Park. You’ll get some pretty great views here, and you can take a walk among its many trails. A nice added bonus is that the park is always kept clean.

Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park

Rotary Gateway Park is a good spot in the area to bring your dogs if you have any. Wildflowers, wildlife, wetlands, with walking/hiking trails. In addition, there’s even a skate park for those who are into extreme sports.

Silverdale Waterfront Park

You’re definitely familiar with the Waterfront Park if you have lived in the area for a while. This is just a great place for the entire family.